It's World Mental Health day.

It's World Mental Health day. Here's...

Go To Post     It's World Mental Health day. Here's a pic of me at my happiest, the day my first baby was born, Big Sis now 3y10m. It's difficult to remember that feeling, and that time before suddenly in March 2020 I have 2 girls and a stepson and we're in lockdown all cooped up together. Nightmare. The story is familiar amongst my 'mum friends'. Mummy and Daddy both had work responsibilities, and the kids watched too much TV... Except, I was ill. I was both mentally and physically ill for a lot of that time. Some days; if I'm being honest, probably the majority of them, I just couldn't face looking after the children. It made me deeply sad to feel so trapped and to have our support system ripped away made me feel constantly panicky. I also felt huge guilt both for leaving my wonderful husband to do everything, and to leave my children not seeing me hardly at all. When I did manage to spend a few minutes with the family, I was brought to tears of desperation. I was deeply depressed. I also worked hard. I sold a lot of nappies, and it was the only reprieve from my torment, and often the only thing I did in a day. Thank you to everyone who bought from me, all of you, but especially those who supported me more than you knew through that especially awful time. Thankfully, I found a way to take a few steps that led me back to myself, and my family. I can find joy in most days now. For me, this time it was mostly medication that made the difference, but for everyone it is different. There is no end to this story. The struggle goes on. #worldmentalhealthday
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