So… July is nearly over....

So… July is nearly over....

Go To Post     So… July is nearly over. On Sunday it will be August 😎

For the tail end of I wanted to highlight all the nappy choices you can make that don’t contain any plastic at all.

That’s no PUL, no polyester, no fleece, no snaps, no hook & loop…
Only 100% natural fibres.
You can choose flat and nippa nappies, fastened with a pin, and wool shorties or longies over the top 😮

All of this and more will get 15% off until midnight Saturday.
Discount automatically applied at checkout.

There are some other bits and pieces here like chocolate, deodorant and sun balm 🍫🧼☀️but everything here can biodegrade completely, or with metal bits, be recycled endlessly.

This is true living if you choose these over other options.

Remember, every single-use nappy saved from landfill is a win, and PUL and other man made fibres and fastenings make cloth nappies accessible, slim, easy to use and highly functional.
Also remember, the more they are used, the better they are for the environment. ♻️

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