We’re off on our holibobs...

Go To Post     We’re off on our holibobs 😎 to the Kent seaside

Here’s my nappy packing this time:
- wool shorties and longies
- fitted nappies for day
- fitted nappies for night
- pockets, AI2’s and whatever else was clean
- extra AI2 inserts, prefolds and muslins…

Woolies go in with the clothes, everything else goes in the XL wet bag (sort of).

I’ve prepared each nappy with a clean wipe ready to go 😇.

We’re leaving daddy with the car and meeting Nan on the train, so OTB are comfy longies, a super thirsty hemp fitted and we have a pod with spare nappies and clothes for the day. There’s also a double zip wet bag in there. One section for nappies & one for dirty clothes.

Final picture is mummy’s wet bags with bathroom bits and electrical bits to protect from moisture.

Not pictured, swimming costumes & swim nappy in yet another wet bag.

We have had past holidays with just ‘sposies or flats or disposable inserts in wraps.
This time we know we’ve got plenty of luggage space and laundry facilities where we’re staying.

Have you clothed on holiday?
How did you do it?

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