Onesize-Fits-Most Kit

This kit is £60 for 6 weeks, with a refundable deposit of £160.

It includes 22 nappies and wipes, 2 wet bags, a bucket, and a FREE roll of 50 disposable liners.

If you choose, you may have your deposit refunded via gift card with 10% extra to spend on anything in the Real Nappy Shop (online or in person)

Kit hire will start as soon as possible unless otherwise requested and depending on availability at the time.

See terms and conditions here

Kit contents example:

Quantity Type Name
1 AIO Little Love Bum Everyday Nappy
1 AIO Blueberry Simplex One Size in Organic Cotton
1 AIO Thirsties Natural All-In-One
1 AIO Little Love Bum Quickdry
1 Pocket Little Love Bum Popper and Pocket Nappy
1 pocket Applecheeks size 2 pocket & insert
1 Pocket Thirsties Natural pocket
1 Pocket Little Lamb OneSize Pocket Nappy
1 Pocket Baba & Boo Onesize Pocket Nappy
1 AI2 Close Pop-In Nappy
1 Flat Bummis/NEA Organic Cotton Prefold Nappy
2 Flat MuslinZ Prefold Size 2
1 Flat MuslinZ Bamboo/Cotton terry square
1 Flat White Bots Terry Squares
1 Flat Thirsties hemp prefold
1 Shaped Ella's House Bum Slender
1 Shaped Little Lamb bamboo shaped nappy
1 Shaped Bambinex Bamboo Shaped Nappy
1 Shaped Ella's House Bum Hugger (night nappy)
1 Shaped TotsBots Bamboozle shaped nappy (night/day)
1 Shaped Ecopipo Night Nappy - Onesize
1 Fastener Little Lamb nappy fastener
1 Booster Ella's House Bum Booster
1 Booster Little Lamb Hemp Shaped Booster
1 Wrap Little Lamb Nappy Wrap
1 Wrap Rumparooz Onesize Wrap
1 Wrap Petit Lulu Pull Up Wrap Med
1 Wrap Petit Lulu Pull Up Wrap Lg
1 Wrap TJ's Nappy Wrap
1 Wrap Blueberry Capri nappy wrap
1 Wrap Thirsties Duo Size 2
1 Bucket TotsBots 16L Nappy Bucket
1 Liner TotsBots Mesh Bucket Liner
1 Wet bag TJ's large hanging wet bag
1 Wetbag Little Lamb small drawstring wet bag
20 Liners Bambinex Fleece Liners
11 Wipes Grovia Wipes
11 Wipes MuslinZ unbleached wipes
1 Liners Disposable liners roll of 50 (FREE GIFT - DO NOT RETURN)