How much do reusable nappies cost?

Roughly a 10th of that of disposable nappies! See 'Real vs disposable - £££'
You also cannot count the environmental cost saving of landfill in the UK.

Also check to see if your local council offer a voucher or other incentive towards the cost.

How easy are they to use?

Super easy. Let me give you tailored advice and view a demonstration. Once you've put one on your baby, you'll see just how easy they are to use, and also very satisfying.

Do reusable nappies leak?

A correctly fitted nappy will not leak until it's absorbency is all used up. If you have any worries or problems, we can help you!

How do I wash them?

It's very simple once you've got yourself into a routine. Detailed guidance here.


What about the poo?

Babies who are exclusively breastfed - their poo is water soluble, so can go straight in your washing machine. This is also often true for formula fed babies - just check for lumps which should go in the loo.

Once they start eating solids, the poo needs to be removed before you wash the nappies - this is where a liner comes in handy.

Fleece liners are better for the environment, as they are reusable; they also have a 'stay dry' feel.

Disposable liners are NEVER flushable even if they state that they are *, but are particularly useful at nurseries, where staff can dispose of the poo by putting the liner directly in the bin.

*Talk to any plumber, or see this article from the BBC on flushing wet wipes (similar) https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46188354

I need advice but I can't get to your shop

Send me a message. I will be happy to help in any way I can.