My Story

It started with a pregnancy, and family life began...
Beth was expecting her first baby and already knew she wanted to use cloth nappies.
Patchy advice and dodgy online research led to a sticky start with terry squares, used without a wrap (!). Almost 3 years on, and baby number 2 also in cloth, the passion (obsession) was real, but also the knowledge of all the ins and outs of how to make it work for your family. We have the drive to help others discover modern cloth nappies, and little by little help to reduce landfill in the UK.


Come in and check out what we’ve got to offer. You can receive tailored advice, while you enjoy a cuppa and a slice of cake in our café.
Our advice will help you find the best reusable nappies for your needs, and as we are a physical shop, we can show them to you, demonstrating how to get the best out of them. You can even try one of our nappies on your baby (small laundry fee), before you decide to buy.
We also have: Reusable period products; Cloth breast pads; Muslins; Cloth wipes; Face wipes; Handkerchiefs - traditional, and more....