Premium Newborn Trial Kit

Maybe you're not sure about investing in a whole stash, or you just want to see what the fuss is about. 

These 18-20 nappies are the top brands which have rave reviews*. 

I (Beth) have tested all of these brands myself, as with all the nappies I sell and can attest to their greatness. I would also have loved to include a Disana wool cover, but I cannot hire these as they can't be washed at 60 degrees between hires. 

This kit is £65 for 6 weeks, with a refundable deposit of £200

If you choose, you may have your deposit refunded via gift card with 10% extra to spend on anything in the B-eco-me shop (online or in person)

Kit hire will start as soon as possible unless otherwise requested and depending on availability at the time.

See terms and conditions here


9-11 All In One & AI2 Nappies

Blueberry Simplex newborn

Blueberry Simplex Side Snap  medium

Close Pop-In Onesize AIO/2 nappy

Thirsties newborn natural AIO nappy

Little LoveBum Newbie AIO nappy

2 x Fluffy Ducks AI2 Hybrid with two inserts each (2 to 4 uses)

Bare & Boho AI2 newborn nappy with two inserts


5 Pocket Nappies

Little LoveBum Onesize Popper and Pocket Nappy with Bamboo/ Hemp trifold insert

Little Lamb size 1 pocket nappy with bamboo trifold insert

Baba + Boo newborn pocket nappy with two bamboo/microfibre inserts

AppleCheeks size 1 pocket nappy with bamboo trifold insert

Bells Bumz size 1 pocket nappy with hemp/bamboo insert and coffee fleece liner


4 Fitted Nappies (require a wrap) 


Anavy newborn nippa nappy

TotsBots Bamboozle size 1

Little Lamb size 1 bamboo nippa nappy

Bambinex bamboo size 1 nappy


3 Wraps

Nature Babies Multiwrap size 1

Petit Lulu pull-up wrap size small

Thirsties Duo wrap size 1



Thirsties Organic Cotton wipes

Fluffy Ducks bamboo wipes

Bells Bumz bamboo wipes

Little LoveBum Pod

Little LoveBum XL Hanging Wet Bag

Fluffy Ducks double zip wet bag

Snappis nappi nippa


*Unfortunately we are unable to include Motherease as they have a 'gentlemen's agreement' with existing supplier(s) preventing us from stocking them at this time.