Warranty Information

As the retailer of the products listed on this website, it is my responsibility to sell nappies that will last a reasonable length of time, or between one and three years. I will arrange for repair or replacement where this is proved to be not the case.

Each manufacturer has their own washing instructions for each product and I expect you to follow these.

Any specific warranty conditions would apply to me claiming for faults back from a manufacturer and as such are not necessarily relevant to you, the consumer.

If you wish to make a warranty claim, please e-mail hello@b-eco-me.com with photos and as much information as possible.


Avoid detergents with optical brighteners, oils, enzymes, soap and bleaching agents (oxygen based or otherwise).

Laundry additives

No fabric softener or bleach.


Please read the label, but never above 60 degrees.
(older prefolds, muslins and terries may be ok at higher temperatures, but would not be covered).