Why don't you stock...?

Miosolo - microfibre for absorbency is prone to compression leaks, causes microplastics to be released into the oceans and takes a long time to break down in landfill compared with natural fibres which perform better.
Good alternatives are: 
Bells Bumz All In One nappy
Fluffy Ducks Pocket/AI2 nappy

Little LoveBum Quickdry - microfibre, (as above)

Easyfit - we experienced leaks with these, which seems to be a common experience.

MotherEase - I would love to, but they tightly restrict their retailers in the UK. A good, and harder wearing alternative to Airflow wraps are Nature Babies multiwraps, which are hand-made in the UK and have double gussets.

Petit Lulu wool wraps - I found the waistband to be too loose. Disana are the best quality and Anavy fit great too and have beautiful designs.

Lil Joey and Rumparooz pocket nappies - microfibre (as above).

Alva and Mama Koala - there is a lack of transparency about factory working conditions and fair trade. Both companies also put the emphasis on keeping costs low, which is concerning.



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