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B-eco-me Kit

B-eco-me's Organic Absorbency Kit 6m+

B-eco-me's Organic Absorbency Kit 6m+

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Beth says...

"All the absorbency you will need from when poos become more solid after weaning - and it's sustainable luxury organic cotton!
Simply add your choice of wraps"

Our founder Beth Farrow has something to say about all the awesome things at B-eco-me...
Watch this space if there's no words, they'll be coming soon.
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Muslins & Soakers: Organic Cotton
Hemp Boosters: 60% Hemp, 40% Organic Cotton


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Care Instructions

Machine wash 40-60 degrees and Tumble or Hang

Washing (and Using) Reausable Nappies

his kit contains all the absorbency you will need from 6 months until toilet trained

As a guide, for full time use you will need:
- 6-10 laminated polyester wraps (of 1, 2, 3 and/or 6 below); or
- 4-6 wool covers (4 or 5 below)

Simply add your choice of wraps/covers from these which are compatible with snap-in soakers:

  1. B-eco-me Exclusive OneSize or Junior Wraps
  2. Little LoveBum OneSize Snap & Wrap Max
  3. Bells Bumz OneSize or Junior Z Wrap
  4. Puppi OneSize+ AI2 wool cover

    Optionally these covers for night time which don't have snaps for AI2's:

  5. Disana Shorties, and/or
  6. BreeZe OneSize Wrap

For example a good combination for most families:

5 x PUL wraps (1/2/3 above) for daytime/childcare, and
3 x Puppi OneSize wool covers for home & night times


6 x PUL wraps (1/2/3 above) for day time, and
2 x Disana Shorties or BreeZe wraps for night time

Also consider:

  • 20 Fleece Liners for easier poo removal
  • Medium Wet Bag x 2 for out and about
  • Hanging Wet Bag x 2 for at home (one in the wash and one in use)
  • A Wipes Pouch or 2 for taking your pre-moistened wipes out & about

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Want LESS laundry?

A wool cover over a flat or fitted nappy could be the answer.

Wool is treated with lanolin (natural sheep wax) which makes it water resistant and anti-microbial.

The best bit is you only need to hand-wash it ONCE A MONTH or if it gets poo on it.

Check out our lanolin for instructions and all the gorgeous, temperature regulating, natural wool nappy covers here.