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CLEARANCE Face Coverings - set of 10 for making at home, by Petit Lulu

CLEARANCE Face Coverings - set of 10 for making at home, by Petit Lulu

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Information below is provided by Petit Lulu and is not official government advice. I recommend you seek advice elsewhere if you have any queries. 

Set for making Petit Lulu face masks

This is a set for making a unique Petit Lulu face mask from knitwear (95% cotton, 5%elastane).

This material is elastic and precisely cut to the ears and therefore no elastic bands are needed. Sewing takes about 2 minutes )

The mask is very comfortable, soft ear loops eliminate pressure to the ears and thanks to the elastic material it adheres tightly to the face. Nose wire keeps the mask in a place and prevents glasses from fogging up. It’s well breathable, but at the same time maintains the functionality. The nanomaterial or nonwoven filter can be placed under this mask. 

Each set contains:

  • 10x fabric cut out 
  • 10x nose wire 
  • sewing guide

Patterns cannot be selected and are packed randomly.

The final mask is either one – layer – ideal for sports or walks in the countryside, or you can make a two-layer mask from two cuts. 


How to choose the correct size?

Measure the distance from the ear hole to the top of your nose:

Size XXS – approx. 12 – 13 cm – for children from 3 to 7 years

Size XS – approx. 13 – 14,4 cm – for children above 7 years

Size S – approx. 14,5 – 14,99 cm – teenagers, adults 

Size M – approx. 15 – 15,99 cm – women, men with smaller heads 

Size L – approx. 16 – 17 cm – men


Mask care:

The mask should not be worn for longer than 3 hours. It is necessary to sterilize it in a boiling water or by ironing every day.

The Face Mask material cannot be returned or replaced from hygienic reasons.

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