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Terra Gaia

Terra Gaia Aleppo Olive Soap

Terra Gaia Aleppo Olive Soap

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Beth says...

"Olive oil soap is fantastic for stain removal as a first stop, and smells better than gall soap - simply lather it up. Also great for your skin!"

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Olea Europaea Fruit Oil


Laurus Nobilis Leaf Oil

Sodium Hydroxide


Aleppo soap, with the stamp of authenticity, is among the best bar soap for sensitive skin.

It’s a soap made from all-natural ingredients: olive oil and oil of bay laurel.

Aleppo soap is 100% natural hand-made hard soap. It´s making process take a long time – almost 9 months.

Outsides of the cubes turn golden-brown - during drying process, while the insides stay deep green. Cut your Aleppo soap in two parts, you’ll see how gorgeous that colour combo looks! Soaps are very dense and extremely long-lasting.  

Great value for money.

Dermatologists  recommend this soap is for the most sensitive or baby skin.

The olive oil hydrates, moisturises and nourishes problematic skin.  Oil of bay laurel can help manage skin problems like eczema and dermatitis.

Soap originates from the historic Aleppo - main city in Syria’s Levant region.

Soap bar - 190g

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