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Terra Gaia

Terra Gaia Care Cubes

Terra Gaia Care Cubes

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Glycerin, Shea butter, Sodium palmate, Sucrose , Sodium cocoate, Decyl glucosid, Lavandula hybrida oil


TERRA GAIA Care Cubes for reusable wet wipes

One Cube for cleaning and caring

With just one TERRA GAIA Care Cubes you create a solution to make your perfect non - toxic wet wipes.

TERRA GAIA Care Cubes are a great solution to achieve not only the great cleaning properties of the Reusable Wet Wipes, but also to get the caring effect of the cubes.

TERRA GAIA care cubes

Simple use 

Dissolve one cube in hot water. Add TERRA GAIA Organic wipes and make reusable wet wipes. 

Ready to use

You'll always have wipes on hand to use for everyday care of your little ones  for nappy changing and hands and faces washing .

They are great for the whole family, travel, wipes for intimate hygiene and  for removing makeup. The possibilities are endless.

TERRA GAIA care cubes
TERRA GAIA care cubes

Caring and cleaning substances

We mix the best substances at one cube to care and clean your hand, face and  body  without any toxic ingredients.

Glycerin, Shea butter, Sodium palmate,  Sucrose , Sodium cocoate, Decyl glucosid, Lavandula hybrida oil

Sensitive skin

Using Terra Gaia Care Cubes for soaking wipes guarantee non-toxic care which prevent rashes. Care Cubes don´t  contain any preservatives, synthetics perfumes or coloring. 

TERRA GAIA care cubes
TERRA GAIA care cubes

Save money

Reusable wipes are washed over and over again.  One set at the beginning will last you indefinitely if cared for properly. No need to wash them separately, you just add them to your regular wash. Re-soak when needed.


Our TERRA GAIA Care Cube is marked by trademark Ecogarantie.

Ecogarantie is one of the most stringent ecological certificates on the European market. It indicates you can fully trust products marked with this certificate.

TERRA GAIA care cubes

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A wool cover over a flat or fitted nappy could be the answer.

Wool is treated with lanolin (natural sheep wax) which makes it water resistant and anti-microbial.

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