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Terra Gaia

Terra Gaia Pad Booster

Terra Gaia Pad Booster

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Beth says...

"Simple organic cotton booster"

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2 layers100% soft organic cotton


Sizing: 21 x 7cm

Care Instructions

Machine wash 40-60 degrees and Tumble or Hang

Washing (and Using) Reausable Nappies

Moon pads booster  gives you extra absorbent layers for your Moon pads. You can booster your menstrual pads for night or days with heavy menstruation.

Moon pads midi string are recommended for normal and heavy menstruation. You will feel like at "cotton".

One combined cloth pad for different bleeding strengths during your period. Separate for weaker menstrual days, with a booster for stronger days of for a night

The booster is also handy as a quick change layer that is in contact with your body for the ultimate clean feeling during day

Unique drainage system allow fast absorbency without  risk of leaking. Absorption core made from organic cotton fleece and protective PUL layer guarantees active life during your menstruation.

Soft and smooth 100% organic fabric protect your delicate skin during your red days.


Sizing:   booster 21x 7cm


Material booster:  outershell: 100% soft organic cotton GOTS 

                             absorption: 100% organic cotton

Care: after using soak in cold water. Wash as usual. Before drying stretch in your hands

Certificate: GOTS certificate

Note: use side without logo towards a body.

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A wool cover over a flat or fitted nappy could be the answer.

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