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Thirsties Pocket Bib

Thirsties Pocket Bib

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We're thrilled to add the Thirsties Pocket Bib to our collection!

Clean-up is simple with this easy-to-clean, waterproof bib with two adjustable snap settings and a handy crumb catcher.

Thirsties Pocket Bib is made with waterproof PUL, backed with white mesh, and trimmed with matching binding. 


  • Colorful, waterproof TPU lined with soft mesh
  • Two adjustable snap settings for a customized fit
  • Handy crumb catcher pocket
  • Measurements: 9.5”W x 9”H
  • Neck Circumference: 11” – 12.5”
  • 100% polyester with waterproof TPU laminate
babies eating pizza wearing Thirsties pocket bib



Thirsties Pocket Bibs are easy to clean. Simply machine or hand wash. They air dry quickly, but you can also machine dry them on low. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners.



Liz: "I think they are great! They fit both girls (6mos & 20 mos) really well. My one daughter hates having things around her neck but she actually wears this one without a problem. I think because they are so much softer and lighter than other bibs we’ve tried. They are super easy to clean too- everything just rinses right off. I also love that they don’t seem to hold onto stains.

baby wearing thirsties pocket bib and matching cloth diaper

Deondra: The Bibs fit great! I can't say there's a single thing I'd change about them. Y'all did a great job! A request for the future, for all of us "baby-led weaning" Mamas... It'd be great if you guys would come out with a long-sleeved version with elastic at the ends of the sleeves, or a "shirt bib."

image of baby wearing a bib

Kimberly: I love how nice and wide they are! They cover the entire front side of my almost 8 month old!

Make your baby's mealtime cuter and easy to clean up with Thirsties Pocket Bib. These make gifts and are the perfect way to accessorize your baby's favorite Thirsties cloth diapers!

child wearing thirsties pocket bib

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